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MP3 and Icons [04 Dec 2007|09:22pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Bonjour aux fans français et aux autres ! C'est mon premier post dans la communauté. J'aimerais vous faire partager deux choses :
Hi french fans and others fans ! This is my first post to this community. I would to share two different things with you :

Un remix de Mademoiselle Juliette (gratuit, proposé par Last.fm)
A remix of Mademoiselle Juliette (free, by Last.fm)

10 icones spécial Alizée. 10 icons special Alizée :

En voir plus... See more...U
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I have good news. [09 Oct 2007|07:35am]

I'm impatient to meet you again !
Thank you for your support
See you very, very soon...
A thousand thoughts

Je suis inpatiente de nous retrouvee !
Merci beaucoup pour votre soutieu.
À très très vite ...
Mille pensées

Well, everyone, a lot's happened recently. As you know, Alizée's got a new single (Mademoiselle Juliette) out and is poised to return to the spotlight in not too long.

For more info, visit http://moi-alizee.us

Also, her new official site is http://alizee-officiel.com

Beaucoup s'est produit récemment. Comme vous le savez, Alizée a libéré une nouvelle chanson (Mademoiselle Juliette) et est sur le point de revenir à nous. Son nouvel emplacement est http://alizee-officiel.com
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questionnaire pour les français [22 Jan 2005|03:51pm]

Je fais une recherche pour ma these. Si vous etes français (vous etes né (-e, -s, -es) et vous avez grandi en France) vous pouvez m’aider en remplissant ce questionnaire .
Cela ne vous prendra pas plus que 5 minutes.
Merci d'avance!
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intro [01 Aug 2004|12:28am]

My name is Brandi.

I got Gourmandises in the mail today. I wonder how much I'll like it since well... I owned Mes Courants Electriques... first.

Which does everyone else prefer?
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[19 Jul 2004|11:40am]

[ mood | content ]

Bonjour tout le monde,

I was wondering if anyone has ever been to an Alizée concert? I really, really want to go to one sometime but they`re only in Europe. I was going to go with my cousin this year, but plans got screwed. I might go next summer, though. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has ever been to one and what you thought of it.

Also, I know that these pictures aren`t that new and all...but what do you think of this newer look on our dear Alizée? Personally, I think she looked better before. But change is usually good, right? Supposedly she pierced her tongue as well, but I haven`t seen any pictures of that. Either way, she`s still gorgeous and amazingly talented.

gourmandisesCollapse )

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[03 Jul 2004|11:52pm]

Hi everyone,
I stumbled across this Mylène Farmer/Alizée forum that is in English and thought I would share it with you all. There is some semi-new news and recent pictures, I believe. =)
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[17 Jun 2004|09:27am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Wow, this is such a quiet community.

Anyway, yesterday I stumbled across a parody to Alizée`s Moi, Lolita, and thought I`d share. Voila le lyrics.

Moi, Je M`appelle LolitaCollapse )

I still haven`t figured out what Ragounia means...so if you know, please tell me, hehe.

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[10 May 2004|07:50pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I just heard this new version of an Alizée song, well actually I don`t know how new it is, but that`s besides the point. Anyway, it`s "J`ai Pas Vingt Ans" put over some Benny Benassi. I was wondering if any of you heard it, and what you thought of it.

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[08 May 2004|12:50pm]

Hi everyone! I'm Kristin, 17, from California and adore Alizee! I started getting into French Pop sometime last summer/fall and found her. What I think I love most about her music is how upbeat most of it is. American Pop is really just rap and R&B. I of course love her singles, J'en Ai Marre and J'a Pas Vingt Ans and I think my other favorite song off of Mes Courants Electriques is Contre-Courant.

Am I the only one who thinks the songs sound terrible in English? lol. I heard a snippet of Vingt Ans and I think it sounded way better in French.

Oh, I wanted to ask, does anyone know what's going on with her? I heard she got dropped for her label or something... ? That could be totally wrong. I'm hoping she gets to put out a 3rd album!

Anyways, I hope this community starts going and the mod doesn't mind I would like to promote my new community devoted to Vanessa Paradis. It's au_paradis and is brand new.

Hope everyone has a good day! ♥ kris.
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Bonjour! [08 May 2004|11:09am]

Why are there no new posts in the community? Six members and no talking???
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[20 Apr 2004|02:46pm]

Welcome to La Belle alizée.
A community that is about the most talented French singer ever.
Come and join if you love Alizée and post anything about her, your feelings for her, whatever you want.
As long as its Alizee-related.
Other French musictips are welcome too.

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